15/11 thursday 16/11 friday
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17/11 saturday
od 20:00
18/11 sunday
od 20:00
18:00 How To Make DIY Label youtube sikiş izle eğlence liseli sikiş izle
in V4 / discussion youtube sikiş izle eğlence liseli sikiş izle
Mik Music (PL), Bitlab records (HU), Atrakt Art (SK), Muteme (CZ) and more
20:00 Združenie pre súčasnú operu (SK) - Smrť v kuchyni
Music and libretto: Lubomír Burgr (SK)
22:00 Metropolis Session / Opening Party
Tibor Holoda (SK),
Greatest Hits Collective (UK/CZ)
Milanese (UK, Planet Mu/Warp)
Bodi Bill (DE, Sinbus)
Philip Quehenberger
(AT, Mego Editions)
Sonority (CZ)
Svkschä (SK)
a další
Murcof (MX, Leaf)
Tujiko Noriko (JP, Mego Editions)
Jamka (UK/SK, Urbsounds)
Elektrabel (CZ, Axis)
and more
(AT, SixPack Film)
Jogging (r. Josef Dabernig, h. Olga Neuwirth)
Aquarena (dir. by Josef Dabernig a Isabella Hollauf, h. Michael Moser)
monroc (dir. by Michaela Grill & Martin Siewert)
cityscapes (dir. by Michaela Grill & Martin Siewert)

MX, The Leaf

The Mexican electronic scene remains relatively unknown. This is not the only reason why the live PA of Fernando Corona, better known under his nom de plume Murcof, will be a unique experience. With his captivating blend of classical music and electronics, he set a precedent that was later followed by acts like Deaf Center. His debut, Martes, appeared in 2002, followed by Utopia and Remembranza, both released on the respected label Leaf. His latest release is Cosmos, an epic journey through sonic universe.

JP, Editions Mego

Tujiko Noriko has been often dubbed the Japanese “Bjork”. The Japanese producer and chanteuse shares some similarities with the Icelandic diva, though her ouvre remains more subtle. Tujiko´s first release, the critically acclaimed Shojo Toshi, appeared in 2001. With Shojo Toshi, she proved she is a talented electronics producer with a distinctive pop appeal. Numerous collaborations with artists like Aoki Takamasa followed and Tujiko also immersed herself in cinematography, directing various short films. Her latest release, Solo, sees her return to solo production.


UK, Planet Mu

The London-born Steve Milanese is a master of dark beats and paranoid soundscapes. His sonic output oscillates between dubstep, IDM, jungle or techno with releases on such acclaimed labels as Warp, Seed, Arcola or Planet Mu, where he released Extend, a haunting tour de force, and Adapt, a reworking of tracks off the aforementioned LP by the likes of Clark or Hrdvision. His “dancefloor electronica” inspires and kicks ass at the same time.

AT, Mego Editions

His dark and broken electronica verges somewhere between Ministry, Prodigy or Adult. After various stints in death metal bands, the Innsbruck native embarked on a solo career in the mid nineties. His debut LP “Phantom in Paradise” caught the eye of the Wire´s David Stubbs, who described it as “these are heavy, dirty, manic affairs, the like of which would be permitted in no actual nightclub, all workaholic drum machines and ever-shifting rhythmical mosaics..”

DE, Sinnbus

The German act Bodi Bill skillfully blends electronica with pop and dance beats. Alex Amoon and Fabian Fenk are no strangers to the music biz, as they previously released records on labels like Bpitch Control. Bodi Bill´s debut LP “No More Wars” contains sublime electro-acoustic songs with piano and strings, but also pop-infused songs with vocals and intelligent dance tracks.

CZ, Axis Records

Judging by his humble attitude, you would never tell that the Breclav-born techno producer Elektrabel released his debut EP on none other but Jeff Mill´s label 6277 – a sublabel of his legendary imprint Axis. Since then, he has crisscrossed the world playing gigs at clubs like Tresor in Berlin or Womb in Tokyo, where he was personally invited by Mr Mills himself. Elektrabel is currently working on his more experimental project Cyberia Divinorum.


One of the few minimal techno projects in the Czech Republic burst onto the scene approximately a year ago. Insect Elektrika is a live project whose sound is inspired by the minimal sound of labels like M_Nus and the guys already appeared at festivals like Hradhouse, so there´s no doubt they have a promising future in front of them.

PL, .mik.musik.!.

Wojciech Kucharczyk, better known as Wojt3k is a renaissance man. Head of the Polish label mik musik!, graphic designer and a musician, Wojt3k is one of the leading members of the local arts scene. His inane sonic output is best witnessed live, taking cues from pop and rock without any stylistic constraints.


If there was one person who represents the past and the present of the Slovak electronic scene, it has to be Tibor Holoda, a renowned DJ and currently also one of the leading festival promoters in Central Europe thanks to his festival Wilsonic. Tibor almost single-handedly kickstarted the fledgling techno scene in the early nineties - when together with Toky and Dalo – he built the legendary Bratislava club Ucko. Even after nearly fifteen years on the scene, Tibor remains an in-demand DJ and music connoisseur.


Click Joe is the man behind one of the most progressive club-nights in the country, the deep-minimal night Magion that takes place on a regular basis in Brno. Click Joe is also a talented DJ spinning minimal, deep and Detroit-influenced records. He has played in several clubs all over the country and beyond.


The twenty-three-year old music theory student from Zidlochovice has been immersed in music since he was a child. Sonority is his live project, inspired by IDM Warp artists like Boards of Canada, Plaid, Clark or Squarepusher, thus his sound verges somewhere between IDM, breakbeat and clicks´n´cuts.

UK/SK, Urbsounds

The experimental electronics project Jamka creates music that refuses to compromise. Monika Subrtová and Daniel Kordík aka Jamka, are part of the Slovak experimental electronics collective Urbsounds. They currently reside in London, where they are working on a brand new album. They took their unorthodox live sets to various festivals and clubs, including Multiplace and Next in Slovakia or Resistance in UK and Slovakia.


The opulent Slovak project Svkscha certainly doesn´t take himself too seriously, which is a rather refreshing attitude in today´s super-serious arts and music scenes. A self-titled representative of the Slovak “moron-electronic more or less dance scene” who is influenced by Balkan brass-bands, organic electro, kick-drums, noise, stupid IDM, his mother´s soup and Czechoslovak eighties pop.

SK, music and libretto: Lubomír Burgr (SK)

An unusual opera about the relationship with food, family and grocery stores. Združenie pre súčasnú operu (Contemporary Opera Collective), better known under the acronym SkRAT lead by Ľubomír Burgr, who is also the author of music, is an extraordinary audio-visual spectacle

AT, SixPack Film. cca 80 min.

Directors Michaela Grill a Josef Dabernig will take part of the evening.


Austria, 2000, 11 min.
Director, Script, Editing: Josef Dabernig
Music: Olga Neuwirth
Camera: Christian Giesser


Austria, 2007, 19 min.
Director, Script, Editing: Josef Dabernig & Isabella Hollauf
Music: Michael Moser
Camera: Christian Giesser


Austria, 2005, 29 min.
Director, Editing: Michaela Grill & Martin Siewert
Music: Martin Siewert


Austria, 2007, 16 min.
Director, Editing: Michaela Grill & Martin Siewert
Music: Martin Siewert
Camera: Michaela Grill


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